Sunday, January 25, 2015

2011 Treasure Hunt 71' Mustang Funny Car i find it


I got this car and i try to check which year this car was released.i try to check with Hot Wheels Wikia and i found this car was from 2011 and not yet release on market. Here i scan the T hunt 2011 from Wikia.

This Hot wheels 2011 Treasure Hunt 71' Mustang Funny Car i find it on loose. This cars i think got a little error on back . So what do u think on this cars ? it really new T hunt 2011 ? please comment on this post ... thanks guys. here i snap a pic for u guys .

Last year collection 2014

2014 haul. not much but not bad.. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

HW Garage 2011 - 57 Chrysler 300

hi there ,

last 3 days my hw car was arrived . This time , i just bought HW garage 2011- 57 Chrysler 300 for 4 pcs. I bought extra for someone interested to buy this Hw just leave your comments below. Herewith i snap the pic for u guys

What i understand this HW garage sstill not in Malaysia . that all for now , just a simple post today . see ya

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hot wheels 2011 (cont'd)

Quite long time , i not post about Hot wheels . so i will put my colllection here for the past 3 month i think . Hope u enjoy the pic ....

Green Lantern - Dogde Challenger Garage & Basic

Shelby & Mustang

one of the Haul

My collection

Family of Chevy


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hot Wheels 2011 BMW M3

Hi there ,

With my busy day , i try to make a post here , what i posting today are my new collection on loose 2011 BMW M3, I got white and red metalic . It really nice and look great . herewith i snap the pic for u guys .

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hot Wheels Treasure Hunt 2011

Last weeks , what i waiting for . My T hunt i bought from ebay finaly arrived. I bought 2011 ,57 chevy, Corvette Grand Spot and Avanti . 57 Chevy long card and short card. The price quite ok for me . T hunt not arrive yet in Alor Setar , hard to find here.

Anyway herewith i snap a pic for u guys . Hope u enjoy . Next post i will snap HW vintage 2011 .

very nice if put together :)

T hunt 57 Chevy Short and Long carded

Also 57 Chevy :)

My Avanti & Corvette :)